4 Tips to Stay Productive in the Summer

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If the summer slump has kicked in, here are some handy tips to help you optimize your productivity and excel at crossing off your to-do list.

Keep an eye on the thermostat

40+ degrees outside and 20 degrees inside? It must be summertime in Dubai. More than just a source of office debate, the thermostat is closely linked to personal productivity. Research suggests that temperatures below 20 degrees celsius and above 24 degrees celcius will both lead to lethargy and apathy. Instead of cranking the AC up to Arctic temperatures, invest in a compact desk fan. You can get a USB-powered one for as little as 10 dirhams at Daiso.

Be brave with your to-do list

Need to make some calls you’ve been dreading all week? Get them done and dusted first thing in the morning. Do you have a report that’s burning a hole in your to-do list? Settle down with a coffee and blaze through it before doing anything else. Set aside some time to surf through your emails and attack the challenging tasks first.

Break a sweat during your lunch break

A common mistake we all make is comfort eating during the summer and spending the rest of the day nursing a post-lunch lull. While walking to and back from the restroom might break a sweat during the summer, try spending a fraction of your lunch hour doing something physically active. This could be swapping the elevator for the stairs, walking to a restaurant instead of ordering in, or simply doing laps around the office. You’re sure to feel energized after returning to your desk.

Switch up your routine to keep things fresh

Routines are predictable and easy to get attached to. This summer, surprise yourself by making small changes to your everyday routine. It could be as simple as trying a different kind of coffee at breakfast or taking a new route to the office. New input and regular changes to your routine will encourage your brain to think more creatively, and in turn, boost your productivity levels both at the office and at home.

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