A guide to corporate gifting at Ramadan – what should you buy?

As a time for reflection and contemplation, Ramadan is the perfect time to extend appreciation and demonstrate respect for not only family and friends, but also for those loyal corporate clients, partners and suppliers that you work with throughout the year.

With corporate gifting now an integral part of Ramadan business etiquette in Dubai, common gifts include dates and chocolate, with the likes of high end confectioners such as Patchi, Bateel and Cho’Coa experiencing a massive boom in sales at this time of the year.

More and more people are trying to differentiate themselves, whether by giving a creative gift which can be displayed in the office such as a unique piece of artwork, or by going back to the roots of Islam and looking at gifts which also benefit those less fortunate, and making charitable donations.

To be genuinely well received the gift either needs to be consumable or something truly relevant to them which they will genuinely use/display so overt branding should be kept to a minimum – this is not meant to be a PR or sales exercise, but a way to connect with your clients and express gratitude and appreciation for the business relationship.

The top Ramadan gifts for corporate business in Dubai that keep a traditional Islamic theme include:

  • Assorted dates
  • Oud or other traditional fragranced oils to burn
  • Chocolate hampers
  • Sparkling date drinks
  • Sets with date flavoured preserves/oils etc
  • Oil burners or traditional lanterns
  • Coffee pots
  • Framed Islamic artwork
  • Music CD’s or books which donate to charities
  • Prayer beads
  • Islamic year diaries

For gifts that don’t have the traditional theme, generally the most well received gifts include:

  • Business card holders
  • Multi USB cables
  • Mobile chargers
  • Diaries/calendars/planners

To make any of these gifts more impressive and personalized, look at wrapping with branded ribbons, and engraving or carving logos or names on the items – just remember not to make these too obtrusive to overshadow the thought of the gift.

When you’re buying the gifts and getting them sent out, follow our guidelines to make sure you give the right sentiment to your most important audience:

  • Include a personalized note rather than a business card, which can seem cold and distanced
  • Remember you are buying gifts for recognition and appreciation, not for PR, so don’t include a sell
  • Put the customer’s interests at heart – think about what they would like to receive, when and how
  • Make the best impression from the start by ensuring the packaging is attractive and in line with the gift itself
  • Personalise the gift itself if you can, whether by engraving, carving or through the wrapping
  • Don’t make it a competition to spend as much as possible, it really is the thought that counts

The Holy Month is an incredibly important time of the year for Muslims and it can be intimidating for non-Muslims who want to share in the season and deliver a culturally appropriate gift, without any misunderstandings. Make this a part of your business plan for the year, plan ahead and to make things even easier, leave the worry with us and let us organise your Ramadan gifting (buying the gifts, wrapping and delivering) for you!

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