How to host a corporate Iftar or Suhoor

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Whilst it may not seem it at first, Ramadan is a great opportunity to develop your business relationships. It’s a great time to show your clients and colleagues that you appreciate them, and to show the culturally sensitive, respective side of your business, as we talked about in last week’s post (link here).

If you are looking to host your own corporate Ramadan event, then we are more than happy to help, for now, check out our recommendations below.

You have two options when hosting a Ramdan event. An Iftar (the meal that breaks the fast at sunset) or a Suhoor (the meal taken before the sunrise, or in corporate situations, later in the evening after Iftar).


The easiest way to arrange this kind of event is to reserve a private area or table(s) in one of the many restaurants in Dubai that serve Iftar and Suhoor buffets during the Holy Month. If you really want to make an impression, then opt for one of the purpose designed Ramadan marquees that pop up over Dubai during the month- the most luxurious of which can be found at five star hotels such as Madinat Jumeirah or Atlantis the Palm.

If you want to create your own majlis (council/meeting area/tent) then you need to think about Ramadan décor, the possibility of a marquee (which given the current temperatures, need to be fully air conditioned) and Ramadan lighting. Think about using colourful carpets and luxurious cushions, traditional lanterns and crescent shaped lights. Together these will create a great atmosphere for any corporate event during Ramadan.


The Holy Month of Ramadan is all about sharing and caring, and if you are hosting a corporate event it would be highly advised to provide gifts to your guests on leaving, something as simple as dates or date products, oud/fragranced oils, chocolates, lanterns, coffee pots, Islamic artwork, prayer beads, Islamic calendars/diaries, or donations to charity. Try to make your gift culturally relevant rather than a blatant marketing push using your existing corporate gifts.

Hosting or attending an Iftar or Suhoor is a great experience and the best time of the year to really take the time to invest in your people relationships. The sense of celebration is high, and it can be incredibly rewarding in both a corporate and personal sense, so don’t miss this opportunity! Feel free to speak to any of our team for ideas and tips, or for help in organizing your own.