3 Thrilling Team Bonding Activities in Dubai

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All work and no play has never been the secret to success. People that spend eight hours a day in a room with each other should be acquainted beyond just their name, department, and coffee preference. A fun day out will do more for your team’s productivity than a seminar about productivity will. We’ve compiled a list of exciting team bonding activities in Dubai that your colleagues are sure to love!


One of the best escape challenges in the country, Jumble is an intelligently designed urban maze that demands both mental and physical agility. What’s fantastic about Jumble is that it completely relies on team work. You could be the strongest or smartest person in the room but that won’t count for much without a team on your side. Challenges at Jumble follow various themes, from being trapped in a burning house to being stranded on a melting iceberg. Jumble promises to boost team communication, collaboration, and healthy competition. Jumble’s Profession Sessions require 12 members and is priced at 130 dirhams per person.

Jumble is located in Barsha, along Sheikh Zayed Road.

Adventure Zone

Encourage your team to step out of their comfort zone at Adventure Zone. This adrenaline-loaded indoor obstacle course is sure to bring out your team’s inner adventurer. A challenging maze-like Adventure Zone will also help you observe how your team copes with stressful environments, and what their unique strengths and weaknesses are. If the rising temperature has left your team feeling unmotivated and lethargic, jolt them back into action with a day out at Adventure Zone. Gather a troop big enough and you can enjoy individual tickets for as low as 30 dirhams.

Adventure Zone is located at Time Square Center, Kite Beach, and Galleria Mall.

Dragon boating

One of the most popular team building activities in Dubai, cement your team’s bond with a morning of fun and sun at the beach. A physically strenuous activity, dragon boating thrives on mutual trust and teamwork. It will also polish your team’s coordination and communication skills, heighten their ability to commit to a challenging task, and encourage them to take calculated risks. Equipped with a water safety certified team, your colleagues are in safe hands with UAE Dragon Boat.

UAE Dragon Boat hosts dragon boating sessions at Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach, Dubai Creek and Dubai Water Canal.

Team building activities are a way of showing your colleagues they’re appreciated. It promotes healthy office culture and boosts job satisfaction. Let us know if you would like My PA to research team bonding packages that suit your budget and schedule.