Top Tips for Stress-free Holiday Planning

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With Eid Al Adha almost here, we’ve started thinking about getting away for a quick break before the busy end of year is upon us. If you’re anything like us, and keen to get away but haven’t got the time to plan the trip, check out our holiday planning tips below:

  1. Get a good flight

Compare flights to your chosen destination(s), think about different options for the departure airport and arrival as it may be cheaper to get public transport or a taxi to a different city, than to fly from/to your closest airport. Compare features, loyalty points, different times of day and days of the week (if you’re flexible) to get the right flight for you. There are a number of good comparison websites and apps out there such as Skyscanner, but be warned, doing your research really thoroughly may take time.

  1. Find the right accommodation

Again, research different accommodation options, use sites and apps such as to research and compare hotels and resorts in the area, also think about the increasingly popular holiday letting sites such as to give you a variety of different options to suit your budget and need. If you’re unfamiliar with the places, check out other traveller’s reviews on TripAdvisor to make sure you can trust what you find online.

  1. Be prepared

Once you have decided on your destination, spend some time gathering information about the trip to ensure you are properly prepared. Check out the weather forecasts and any cultural sensitivities to ensure you pack the right clothes, download city maps and guide apps while you still have strong Wi-Fi at home, to ensure you can find your way around. Check you don’t need any medicines or injections. Transfer some money into the local currency so that you don’t have to worry about finding an ATM when you arrive. Advise your bank you are travelling so that your cards don’t get blocked for suspicious activity, and activate roaming on your phone.

  1. Book anything special before you leave

Is there a special tourist attraction that you want to see? A show or concert that you want to catch, or maybe a highly recommended restaurant where you want to have dinner? These highly coveted activities often get booked up months in advance, so to avoid disappointment, make sure you book before you go.

Nowadays there are so many websites and apps that can help to get us organised, but these still need the human touch to initiate or review, and ensuring that all of these factors are streamlined before you go can be hectic, especially on top of doing all the work before you leave. It may seem indulgent, but think about using a PA company such as ours to help take the stress away, and ensure you leave for your holidays in the best possible state. Once you have decided where you want to travel, we can take care of everything else, doing the research on your behalf, and when you’re happy, making the bookings (whether for planes, trains, dinner tables or theatre shows) and organise your travel documents, with the help of our in house driver we can also get money exchanged, clothes dry cleaned and even source anything you do not have time to get before you go. You’d be surprised how much we can take off your plate and what a difference it can make to your holiday – but don’t just take our word for it, feel free to give the team a call and see how we can help you to have a fabulous break!