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Top 10 Common Skills for Virtual Assistants

When hiring a virtual assistant, it’s important to have a checklist of skills and qualities they must possess to be considered qualified for your organisation. You need to be setting the standard. Here are some of the most important and essential skills you can consider before hiring the right VA. 

Communication Skills

A virtual assistant must be able to interact verbally and in writing simply and effectively via a variety of platforms, including chat, video conferencing, email, and phone. Additionally, they should be adept at listening and comprehending criticism and directions. 

Time Management

It’s critical to be able to prioritise tasks according to urgency and accomplish them in a timely manner. When necessary, they should be able to work under pressure and meet deadlines.

Organising Abilities

A VA with excellent organisational skills may handle several jobs and projects at once. Additional benefits include the ability to make and follow schedules, monitor progress, and keep thorough records, especially if you like things to stay on schedule. 

Attention to Detail

Other skills a VA must possess include having a keen eye for detail and recognizing flaws and discrepancies in documents and data. Low error rates and high-quality work lower the need for revisions and the quantity of effort required. 

Technical Skills

Since these will be the primary working platforms, technology expertise and experience with pertinent software and tools like Microsoft Office, Google Suite, project management tools, and social media platforms are necessary. 

Customer Service Skills

Virtual assistants who deal with client inquiries and complaints should have excellent customer service abilities, including the capacity to manage challenging circumstances professionally and calmly. 


Systems are needed for virtual support. To that end, a VA should be adaptable enough to adjust to the activities, projects, and priorities in any setting they’re in with whoever they work with.

Problem-solving Skills

Being a virtual assistant requires the ability to independently identify problems and find solutions while employing analytical and critical thinking skills. If the candidate possesses this, you’re off to a good start because you’ll have a problem-solving partner. 


To increase productivity, a virtual assistant should be proactive and take the initiative to recommend changes and adjust procedures.


They frequently have access to private information, therefore it’s critical that they are dependable and uphold confidentiality.

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