Tips for Email Contact with Clients

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Often, the key to success in business is referrals and repeat business. This means that you must remain in contact with your customer base for success to become a reality. Although it is important that you note that this contact may need to be regularly over a period of years for the result to be positive for your respective business.

This is where the question arises, how do you walk the line of not becoming a nuisance and still remain on a client’s radar? After helping numerous clients to manage their communications, we’ve shared our thoughts to help you address this fine line so that you continue to have a positive relationship with your brand’s client base.

Provide Useful Information

In order to keep your current customer base interested, you need to deliver them morsels of useful information. News regarding the latest developments within your company will keep their eyes focused on your brand and the email will be welcomed.

Give Them What They Like/Love

Take the time to learn a handful of the interests and likes of your client base. This will provide you with more than enough information to properly tailor your communications with clientele. Customers are far more willing to accept and read communications that speak to what they already have an interest in. Additionally, this will cause customers to feel that they are truly valued by you and your company.

Send a Welcome Email

It is a good idea to remind consumers why they are on your mailing list while reassuring them that good things are on the horizon. Ideally you should send new subscribers either exclusive content or a special offer as a way of thanking them for their loyalty to your brand.

Know the Spam Rules

One major reason why many businesses fail to have success in remaining in contact with their client base is that they inadvertently spam them. The best way to avoid this crucial faux pas is to read the CAN-SPAM act. This act will clearly detail what is appropriate and legal in regards to what and how messages from your business can be communicated to consumers.

Keep the Copy Simple

You are well versed in the jargon of your industry. Customers are not. Additionally, most do not care for complicated information. The following will help you keep your emails concise and customer-friendly:

  • Would I want to read this?
  • Do I want to be spoken to in this manner?
  • Can more be cut out? Is all this information relevant to what I am trying to convey?
  • What is the desired call to action?

The best way to communicate with your client base is to focus on making them enjoy receiving your emails. This will enhance your conversion rate with your base, resulting in increased sales. Be sure to send smarter emails rather than more emails. No one enjoys being bombarded just because they agreed to be contacted. You don’t want your customers to feel as if you are stalking them or are out to annoy them. Leave them feeling as if they are valued and within an inner circle that is privy to inside information and you’ll see the results. For more information, or for support in sending your customer emails, please feel free to contact one of the team.