Our Top 5 Travel Apps to Make Your Life Easier

The days of guidebooks and maps are on the decline as there are hundreds of travel apps designed to help us easily plan our trips, pack efficiently and become better-organised travelers. So which of the hundreds of travel apps should you be using on your next trip? We’ve listed our top five recommended apps to help you plan and navigate your next trip:


Tripit removes the hassle of travelling with a mound of paperwork confirming reservations, rentals, and tickets. The app is equipped to compile all of your reservations, from airline and hotel bookings to vehicle hire, in one easy to navigate place. Users simply forward all their travel related emails and booking confirmations to their Tripit account and the app takes care of the rest. The app sorts through all your emails to produce a detailed and easy to use itinerary, removing the hassle of searching through a cluttered inbox to find reservations and ticket confirmations.

Around Me

This app is useful for everyday use at home, but can be essential when you are travelling. Around Me allows you to select different categories of businesses and services, such as restaurants, banks, and shops, that are geographically around your current location. Looking for an ATM in Germany? Just select the ATM category on the app and you can see the location nearest to you and a detailed map that shows you how to get there.


Even regular travelers spend time writing up a detailed packing list only to arrive at their destination and discover they have left their toothbrush behind. PackPoint saves time and effort during the packing process. The app asks you some simple questions about your trip, such as where you are going, what time of year you are travelling, and what activities you will be doing, and generates a packing list based on the information supplied by your answers.

City Maps to Go

If you are travelling overseas, City Maps to Go is an essential travel app. If you are the type of person that likes to have a long and detailed list of places and attractions you would like to visit, the app lets you input all the locations and makes them easily accessible during your trip. A major plus is that you can access your maps offline and plan your days without having to worry about running up any data roaming charges. After entering the destinations you wish to visit, you can review the stops that are close to each other and plan your daily itinerary accordingly.


A great app for helping you find the best deal on flights. Hopper analyses almost every available flight to predict when your flights will be cheapest and when you should make a move to book your ticket. If your dates are flexible, the app can pinpoint when you should start your vacation to get the best value for your money. You can even set alerts to inform you when the flight you are looking for has dropped in price. Hopper is the best of the flight comparison apps out there.

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