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What Does A Virtual Personal Assistant Do?

If you own a business, you may have heard the term “virtual assistant” floating around on social media or through word-of-mouth for some time. You looked it up online out of curiosity and now find yourself here! You will learn more about virtual assistants today. Just continue reading.

Virtual Assistant: What Is One?

A virtual assistant is a personal assistant that works remotely and supports customers or businesses with administrative, technical, creative, or artistic support. Outside of the office, they speak with customers by phone, email, messaging services, or video calls.

These experts typically work either full-time or part-time for themselves or for virtual assistant service providers, like My PA. They frequently have flexible schedules and can serve several clients simultaneously. 

Virtual Assistant Duties and Responsibilities

Depending on the needs or scope of the client’s project, a VA’s responsibilities may vary between:

  • Appointment scheduling/diary management, confirming meetings etc.
  • Email Management – inbox management for the client, answering emails on the client’s behalf
  • Social Media Management – answering enquiries, research and drafting posts, scheduling posts etc.
  • Data Entry
  • Research – internet research, finding quotes etc.
  • Organising Corporate Events
  • Travel Arrangements – booking flights and accommodation, obtaining quotes, researching venues etc.
  • Managing Confidential Documents
  • Customer Service and Support – call answering, following up with clients and suppliers, answering email enquiries etc.
  • Bookkeeping – invoicing, managing expenses, managing petty cash etc.
  • Website Maintenance – updating website information 

And Much More!

These are just a few of the typical activities a VA can handle. Overall, they must be trustworthy, qualified, and able to work independently while under limited supervision.

How successful are VAs?

Their effectiveness ultimately depends on their knowledge, experience, and interaction with their company. For the virtual assistant to succeed, it’s critical to set clear expectations and rules, as well as to offer sufficient training and assistance. A virtual assistant can contribute to the success of the company and meet objectives by receiving regular check-ins and feedback.

Effective Time Management

What better approach is there to make the most of your resources than by hiring a virtual assistant with My Pa? With VAs, you won’t have to worry about the administrative tasks on your to-do list because they will be handled by them.

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