How to Run a Company Without an Office

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97% of the people surveyed in this study said they would recommend remote working to others. During this sudden lockdown, some companies are perceiving WFH (working from home) as a challenge, when it could be quite the opposite. Aspiring startups dream of an office, some of which relentlessly pursue it, even if this is financially impractical. Revenue is a company’s top priority, and here are some ways you can run your business without an office.

Treat yourself to a proper home office

You can only get so much work done while slouching over the coffee table. Running a business isn’t a 9 to 5 job so give yourself everything you need to get a good day’s work done. Dedicate a section of your dining table to work or get yourself a desk and ergonomic furniture. Sorting out the basics like reliable Wi-Fi and a professional background to take your remote meetings from are the first steps to running a company without an office.

Delegate who handles your money so you can focus on making it

Payroll, credit recovery and client debt control, handling petty cash, these tasks could be distracting you from work that’s more important. From accounting to payroll, MY PA can handle this with razor-sharp efficiency while you work on growing your business. Regular one-to-one meetings with your virtual PA ensures you are always kept updated on your finances.

A team that’s apart yet together

Remote working is gaining traction around the world, including Dubai, with a significant number of the city’s population working outside of the office every week. During the current lockdown, the practicality of a remote team is now more evident than ever. Working remotely allows you to collaborate with both local and international talent, reduce costs on overheads associated with talent recruitment (visas, medical insurance, etc.) and maximizing output.

Embrace the power of technology

From drafts that can be co-worked on in real time to solutions for remote meetings, there’s little that technology can’t solve. Invest in smart technology or take it one step further by assigning MY PA to research and help compile a presentation for your next pitch or remote client meeting.

Saving on office rent will empower your company, freeing up your revenue, and allowing for rapid growth and increased manpower. Save yourself both time and money with MY PA. Get in touch at