How a PA can make YOUR life better

Looking to adjust your work life balance? 

Want to get more time to work ON your business, rather than in it? 

We’re seeing more and more interest and demand for our PA services here and in London, but we’re aware there are still many cynics out there who don’t fully appreciate the value that a PA can bring.

So if you’re still not sure if you need us, take a little look at the five ways we believe we can help you, and then tell us you’re still not curious!

Streamline and reduce costs

Outsourcing a PA is a great way to cut on costs. You don’t have to spend the time and money on advertising, recruitment, training, visas and benefits for a new member of staff. A PA from an agency will be fully equipped by their agency so you don’t need to provide a computer, tablet, phone, stationary or any other office equipment. An outsourced PA will also handle their tasks remotely in their own office, so there will be no need to make space for them in your office, or arrange additional internet bandwidth or phone lines. So you fully benefit from an experienced, professional assistant without the huge outlay of a new member of staff.

Support 365 days per year

When working with an agency, you also don’t need to worry about holiday or sickness cover – for yourself or your admin support. If your PA is not available, the company will handle the stress of a finding and briefing a replacement, they can also cover your emails and phone while you’re away. You can relax, safe in the knowledge that your business is being looked after and it’s unlikely you’ll even notice the transition. Plus you get accountability, by having a person on the ground that you can meet, you can build relationships and discuss any challenges or opportunities.

Increase efficiency

Any personal assistant who’s worth their salt nowadays will be well versed with working online and in Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. This means they can probably do your research, create, edit and maintain databases and presentations and solve problems much quicker (and more cost effectively) than you can. They can help find other outsourced services and suppliers such as printers, graphic designers, public relations experts, journalists, business networking groups, insurance providers and more. The research can be done quickly and easily so that you are just presented with the best option for you. Most business can now be found online and you can trust that your internet savvy PA is capable of providing you with information. And it needn’t just be related to business services, need to book a flight, get your dry cleaning done or shoes mended, make doctor or dentist appointments, find quirky gifts, or even manage your daily schedule? Your outsourced PA can help provide all the answers, saving you the hours trawling online.

Increase productivity and output

Having a PA taking care of all the admin tasks on your to do list makes it possible for you to concentrate on the tasks where you really add value. You can focus on developing and running your business and ensuring that your clients are well-served and happy, as well as finding and converting more.

Reduce stress

Handling those infuriating and tedious daily tasks, whether small or large, can lead to stress and frustration, particularly in areas where there may not be much prior experience such as book keeping or data management. Get a reliable person to take some of the burden off your shoulders and help give yourself a better work life balance.

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