How a PA can add value to your precious family time

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With the approach of International Day of Families, we’ve been thinking about how much time we spend with our families and what can be done to give us not only more time with them, but also better quality time.

Now, it’s fairly obvious that a personal assistant can support you in the workplace, taking the load off and freeing up more of your time to spend with your loved ones, but what may not be immediately apparent is that a PA can also add a lot of value to your home life to – making the time you spend a lot better too.

A PA is not only capable of doing your admin and reporting, answering your phones, managing your calendar and making sure your suit is laundered for that important meeting. An efficient and well-briefed PA can also help you with family and household management tasks.

Some of the key ‘family admin’ tasks that a PA could help with include:

  1. Making appointments

Your PA probably already makes appointments with your clients and business partners. Surely they can also take charge of any dentist or doctor appointments, vet visits, car servicing, pest control and other lifestyle service appointments for your family. Your PA could also book beauty treatments, haircuts and other errands that you often forget to schedule during your busy day. Having someone fix these appointments could mean an extra niggling pressure is alleviated.

  1. Arranging birthday parties and family celebrations

Whether it’s a child’s birthday party, a romantic anniversary treat, or a welcome dinner for visiting family or friends, your PA can arrange all of your family events and celebrations. A well-qualified PA will know all the right places to go in Dubai, whether for a five-year-old and her friends for a birthday celebration, or the perfect restaurant to celebrate your fifth wedding anniversary. If you do not have the time to research or make reservations, arrange a cake, flowers or balloons, your PA will be on top of everything and make sure you have a memorable occasion with your loved ones.

  1. Arranging gifts and/or costumes!

Whether it is a last minute theme day at school, a fancy dress party, a birthday, Valentine’s Day, Christmas or Ramadan, you can ask your PA to obtain the perfect gift (or costume/prop) for the occasion. A good PA will know exactly what to get and from where. This means no more last-minute panic runs to the mall at rush hour – not exactly quality time!

  1. Arranging laundry/dry cleaning, tailoring or re-heeling

Bout of sickness at home? Want to get all your bedding cleaned? Heel broken and no time to get to a mall before an important lunch? Or planning a trip to the opera and not had your outfit dry cleaned from last time? Rather than rushing around trying to find the time to nip out to a dry cleaners, tailors, or cobblers, simply ask your PA to do it for you. The driver can collect your items and get them fixed for you, without you leaving home, and drop it back to you when it’s ready.

  1. Making travel arrangements and reservations

One of the most stressful tasks in preparing for a family holiday is the process of making travel arrangements and reservations. It’s much less stressful to let your PA know your travel dates and your preferences, and they can plan and make all the arrangements for you and your family for flights, rail tickets, hire cars, hotels and any entertainment.

  1. Arranging insurances and claims

Most of us would like to be more organised in terms of personal paperwork. Are you aware of when your health and car insurances are due? Do you take the time to shop around and compare quotes? A PA can do all this for you, arranging health, home, car or life insurance, organising all of the paperwork, and doing all of the running around and follow up’s. If you ever need to make a claim, they will do all of the leg work, submitting all of the paperwork and dealing with the companies directly to make sure that you get all of your claims when they are due – it will make for a much less stressful life.

  1. Managing car registration and servicing

As dependent as we are on our cars, they can often be a huge source of frustration, and not just in terms of traffic! The annual car insurance and registration period can be a headache, as it often creeps up on us and it’s always so time consuming to physically go and do it all. Why not let your PA take care of it for you? They can arrange everything – the driver can pick up your car and take it to be registered, again without you leaving the house. The same goes for car servicing – no longer any need to worry about when it is due, how you are going to do it, or hanging around while it’s being done, it can all be taken care of.

So you see how invaluable a PA can be not just at work but for your family too. With someone efficient taking care of your household and business chores, you will have more time to spend with your family, and you’ll be so much less stressed and harassed when you do spend time with them because you wont be thinking of all of these niggling tasks. If you’d like to learn more about what life admin tasks we could take on for you, please feel free to give us a call.