Gifts and greetings: What holidays to celebrate in Dubai

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As the melting pot of cultures that Dubai is, there are numerous festivals, holidays and traditions from around the world that are celebrated by residents of the city. As a business it can be hard to know the correct etiquette, which events to send out greetings for and acknowledge online, and which to simply observe as they pass. We’ve rounded up a few of the key dates to be observed, with some advice on what to send when:

  1. UAE National Day

National Day is celebrated on the 2nd December of each year in each of the United Arab Emirates. It marks the union between the states and big celebrations are held throughout the country to celebrate. There are car, boat and air parades, shows and demonstrations and plenty of fireworks. This celebration should also be acknowledged as a ‘Congratulations to the UAE’ with the number of years of the National Day, or simply as ‘Happy National Day’. Gifts can be offered in the UAE national colours such as badges, scarfs, flags and balloons illustrated with patriotic messages, the UAE flag and pictures of Sheikh Mohammed.

  1. Ramadan

Ramadan is celebrated in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is observed by Muslims worldwide through fasting, prayer and donations to charity. This is also a time to mark in the calendars and the one time of the year when greetings should definitely be sent. Common greetings during this period are ‘Ramadan Kareem’ or ‘Ramadan Mubarak’ to wish the recipient a happy Ramadan. Gifts should ideally have a traditional theme, including dates and dried fruit, chocolates, oud, lanterns, candles, oil burners, prayer beads, Islamic art and music, the Qu’uran and compasses (that show the direction of Mecca).

3. Eid-al-Fitr

This is the holiday that follows immediately after Ramadan finishes and is celebrated for one, two or three days of public holiday so many people choose to travel at this time. A popular show of courtesy is saying ‘Eid Mubarak’ as a greeting, and this is a key one to also observe publicly online. During Eid, gifts can also be given (although generally corporates would only give once – during Ramadan or during Eid), the same gifts would work, as would stationary (pens and business card holders for example).

4. Christmas

The Christmas holiday has become increasingly popular in Dubai as the number of expats and tourists has grown. Traditional Christmas colours, trees, markets and songs tend to decorate most areas, and there are often special shopping discounts and events. The common greeting of ‘Merry Christmas’ is perfectly acceptable to share and potential corporate gift options include dates, chocolates, gingerbread, stationary, artwork, and electronics, such as adaptors, memory banks, USB ports etc.

There are plenty of other holidays too, greetings for which can make great social media content, but which may not warrant a corporate greeting or gift to customers, including Easter, Diwali and Chinese New Year. If you’d like the opportunity to connect with your customers at these key times but are too busy to make the arrangements, feel free to talk to one of our experienced team who will be only to happy to arrange greeting cards, emailers or deliveries on your behalf.