8 things we love about working and living in the UAE

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Ok, so we’re definitely biased, we’ve been here a long time, but in our opinion, the UAE is one of the best countries to live and work in the world!

So much is happening here, and there is so much work being done by the Government and our rulers to ensure both locals and foreigners enjoy their work and play.

In honour of UAE National Day, we wanted to share our personal opinion of the highlights that professionals and families can experience from living and working in the Emirates:

  1. Lots of opportunity

Whether you’re looking to develop your career, start a new career path, launch your own company, or develop an overseas office for an existing company, the UAE has a mountain of opportunities available. With so many developments and growth in the country and region, and Sheikh Mohammed’s focus on becoming the leading smart city, there are plenty of opportunities within business/professional services such as IT, marketing, office support, accounting, human resources, law, banking and health care, among others. These planned developments also lead to huge opportunities within the construction and hospitality and tourism sectors.

Whatever you do, you can certainly climb the career ladder very quickly here if you’re willing and keen to take the opportunities when they come.

  1. Cultural exposure and broadening of minds

Another benefit of living and working in the UAE is that you get to work with, and befriend, people from different cultures and countries. Only 20% of the total population is local, and expats come in from all around the world, meaning that it’s pretty likely that your circle of friends and work colleagues has a very different cultural background to you.

  1. Travel to neighbouring countries and continents

There is so much to see and do within the UAE and in neighbouring Oman, a lot of which is possible in day trips or weekend staycations. The prime geographical position of the UAE also makes it a great place for further reaching travels, the low cost airline of Fly Dubai and Air Arabia make trips to India and the subcontinent, Asia, Africa and even Eastern Europe, very affordable and easy places to explore.

  1. Strong business networks

Since the UAE entices professionals and investors from all over the world, you have a good chance of getting business partners from other countries. When two people from different backgrounds come together, they can build very strong business relationships by combining ideas that each individual has learnt from their country. Also resources can be mobilized from the two counties to make the business venture more successful, the same applies to marketing and delivering the goods or services to the end consumer. Moreover, it opens doors for you to travel to other countries, or seek work in other countries overseas.

  1. The lifestyle

Whilst you wouldn’t refer to it as cheap living, there are certain affordable elements, which make for a much higher quality lifestyle. Domestic services are great value, so we can have a cleaner, nanny, PA, driver even. We can visit beaches and pools on the weekend (which are always sunny), and dine in five star restaurants every night if we wanted. Crime is very low, so we all feel much more secure than in other parts of the world.

There’s no better time to stop and appreciate the country we choose as our home, so take the time over the long weekend to enjoy the celebrations and be grateful for all the things that the UAE has to offer.