4 Ways to Go Green at the Office

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Going green starts with a single step and one of the best places to start is somewhere you spend nine hours a day, five days a week. Here are some ways you can take a step in the greener direction by employing small changes at the office.

Recycle and use recycled paper

In 2010, the UAE consumed 2.9 million tons of paper. This was some of the highest rates of consumption in the Middle East. With landfills rapidly reaching their brim in the UAE, residents should be mindful about the amount of waste they produce. An easy way to reduce passive waste is to curb the amount of paper you use at the office. Consider digitizing the notes you pen down and the documents you print.

Light up with daylight instead of fluorescent lights

Do your employees and electricity bills a favor by optimizing natural light. If your office has plenty of windows that let in either direct or indirect sunlight, give the ceiling lights a break. An office’s lighting has a major impact on the general atmosphere, employee wellbeing, and productivity. Switching things up a bit and cutting out the fluorescent light might yield some surprising effects.

Employ a “BYO” strategy to office lunches

Getting lunch delivered to the office is as common as catching up on your weekend by the water cooler. This produces a shocking amount of waste – from plastic cutlery and unused paper napkins to cardboard lunch boxes and plastic bags. Introduce a mindful approach to unnecessary packaging by running a “Bring Your Own” lunch initiative at the office. This will not only encourage your employees to bring along reusable containers, it will also create a sense of team community.

Upgrade your organizational system with digital storage

With the digital resources available today, loading up your cabinets and shelves with files and folders only creates clutter. Speed up your admin tasks by investigating digital storage solutions like Dropbox or Google Drive. Both platforms have a significant amount of free storage space with a paid option if you need more. They’re also intuitively designed and makes finding and sharing information easier than traditional storage methods. Save yourself some paper and ink and go digital.

Being greener at the office will not just help save the environment, it will also help save you money. If you’re looking for other cost-effective solutions at the office, consider outsourcing your organizational tasks to My PA. We offer flexible packages that are more wallet-friendly than employing a traditional administration team.