4 Easy Ways to Create Halloween Costumes in Dubai

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Yes, it’s that time of year – Halloween is almost upon us! Whether you are young free and single or the head of a brood, Halloween is quite likely to affect you in some way as Halloween parties across Dubai seem to be becoming increasingly popular – for children and adults!
At this busy time of year, the thought of organising a Halloween fancy dress costume can send stress levels rocketing – they are not the easiest things to coordinate, and we are all short of time for such luxuries, but this is where our team at MY PA could come in very handy.
Whether you prefer Elsa or Spiderman, or a more traditional ghoul or monster, we can help to ensure you have just the costume for the occasion, be it bought, hired or hand made!
So what can we do, without relying on magic wands and cauldrons??
1. We can buy a Halloween costume for you
There are many places in Dubai that sell a good range of Halloween costumes in
the build up to the event. Supermarkets and children’s clothes shops have been
stocking Halloween outfits for a while now, so the best costumes are already being snapped up – don’t leave yours until the last few days before Halloween, or you could find the choice very limited. Give us a brief of what you want and we can go out and pick up exactly what you need and get it across to you without you leaving home or the office.

2. We can arrange a hire costume and collect it for you
Dubai has many specialist costume hire places including Mystique Costumes on Umm Suqeim and Party Zone in malls across the city where you have a huge variety of costumes to suit all ages.
Although this is probably a more expensive option for acquiring your Halloween costume in Dubai, the quality of the costumes is usually much higher than shop bought outfits and can often include some impressive additions to the ensemble. Tell us your theme, we will search out appropriate costumes and give you a summary of options, before we order and collect on your behalf.

3. We can provide the tools & inspiration to make your own! If you’re on a budget or enjoy creating things, then you could make your own Halloween costumes at home. The possibilities are endless and outfits can be made using items you already have around the house such as old clothes, bed sheets, unused garbage bags and other items. All you need is a good

The advantage of making your own Halloween costumes is that they will be truly unique and you won’t be worried about spoiling the outfit during the evening. Plus, making the Halloween costume can be as fun as actually wearing it. Getting young children involved in the process of making their outfits is a great way to spend some quality family time and allow them to bring their own artistic flair to the occasion.

It can be tough to get started however so we can help you out by scouring the Internet and sourcing YouTube videos featuring tutorials on for DIY Halloween costumes, and the short cuts and hacks to create wonderful outfits. We can check out all of the face painting ideas on Pinterest and Instagram and send them to you, saving you from getting distracted by the social media channels when you look yourself. If you need specialist materials, cheap bed sheets, unusual accessories or just additional stationary and tools such as fabric glue, we can run out for you to get it.

So as you can see, even if you get been invited to a Halloween event at the last minute and don’t
have to time to hire or make a costume, you don’t need to panic. We at MY PA can take the stress and worry out of the occasion, leaving you free to enjoy the festivities knowing that everything is in hand and you can look the part. So…. Who you gonna call…?