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Are you a business owner looking for inspiration over the long summer in Dubai? With Book Lovers Day just around the corner, we thought it was a good time to share our top 5 business management books that might help to focus (or re-focus), re-energise and invigorate your business to reach new strengths for the upcoming busy spell.

  1. Eric Berridge – Customer Obsessed

Nowadays we know that the customer drives our business. They have more say than ever before and can literally make or break us. In this straightforward and practical guide, Berridge explores the way in which business owners should approach, and embrace, this idea in order to take their businesses to the next level. Perfect for anyone who wants to refocus their teams or ensure the common goal is focused on the customer, this book provides advice on topics such as employee engagement, gender diversity and social media. Practical advice and action plans are provided so that you can make real changes to the way your business runs.

  1. Steven Pressfield – Do The Work

For those who sometimes feel like they lack direction, this book is a must. Pressfield helps business owners to get focused on what it is they want and how they are going to achieve it. It is a book that gets you thinking and doing – immediately. Forget about wasting time researching what to do – this book will have you doing it in the first half an hour! As a plus, it is a short and easy read so it will not take you long to finish and get started on the activities that are sure to have your business moving forward. This book is perfect for business owners who are at the beginning of their journey, or established business owners who are looking to re-focus, get a new direction, or get back to the basics.

  1. Tim Ferriss – Tools of Titans

Based on his interview show, Tim Ferris has put together notes from interviews with celebrities, Special Forces commanders, high profile investors and biochemists, and many more. In these interviews Ferris uncovers what it is that these people do daily, that may seem mundane to them, but that can have a real, positive effect on their successes. Ferris has focused on the actionable elements of their lives and there are many things that you as a business owner can take away and implement yourself. Items such as, what do these people do for the first hour of every day? What are their biggest mistakes? What are key pieces of advice they would give to people in their field? To make it more appealing, Ferris has put some of these elements to the test in his own life and shares the results.

  1. Michael Masterson – Ready, Fire, Aim

If you want an action-packed, go get ‘em book that gives you practical advice to implement now – then this is your book! With the subheading ‘Zero to $100m In No Time Flat’ this self-made millionaire shares his journey and the steps he took along the way. He imparts his knowledge and experiences from creating start-ups and expanding several businesses, and provides an outlined strategy for businesses to make considerable growth. With actionable tools for you to use, Masterson provides contemporary business owners with everything they need to succeed on their entrepreneurial journey.

  1. Bill Green – All In

From a successful businessman who began his entrepreneurial journey in a flea market, All In shares 101 tips and tricks for business success from over forty years in the distribution industry. Green’s ideas can be applied to any business model or niche. It is an excellent exploration of what a business looks like from start-up to overwhelmingly successful, and the roles that the business owner takes on over that journey. It reminds you that even the most inspiring CEO’s all started somewhere small and inspires you to reach for the same kind of success.

There are obviously many business books and pod casts out there, with more and more being released every day. We’re pretty convinced however that wherever you are on your business journey, these five will have you reaching for the notebook, planning your next step, and getting you well on the way to making positive changes in your business.

Happy reading!