Make the most of the public holiday: Relax AND still find time to tackle those home chores!

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With the upcoming public holiday, we’re all busy making plans – some of us just want to escape for some downtime, others have plenty of outstanding projects and plans at home to keep them busy and are looking forward to having time for these, and many of us are trying to juggle all of it, wanting to relax and get some downtime but still tackle some of those niggling jobs at home or online, so how can we do it all without simply stressing ourselves out more?

To relax and still get your chores done, you need to have a good plan and get organized. We’re sharing our tips to do things that you never have time to do when you are at work, without stressing yourself.

  1. Don’t let things slide in advance
    Try to finish routine tasks prior to the holiday, don’t let the washing, cleaning or anything else pile up simply because the holiday is coming. Keep on top of the day to day so that time spent during the holidays is on those unique one-off tasks that have built up, such as repairs and annual paperwork.2. Delegate
    If there are other family members, they could help make your work easier. If you have kids, make them a part of your task team, particularly if you have creative projects around decorating your home. If you want to take some time to allow creative thinking for new work ideas, home projects, holidays or other inspiration, then draw on the knowledge and experience of friends, relatives or your social media following – ask them questions and crowd source opinions that might inspire you further.

    3. Outsource tedious activities
    Some activities can be so tedious that they can leave you drained. If you outsource those that you don’t really get any enjoyment out of, you will avoid the stress and free up your time for other activities. Working with a professional and experienced PA such as ourselves, can help you to get paperwork organised and filed, pay bills, organize photos or get them framed, get clothing altered or dry cleaned, shoes re-heeled and maintenance for car or home booked and paid for.

    The idea of doing the household chores or life admin during your precious time off may seem unappealing to some, but to others it is an enjoyable stress reliever and the perfect time to tackle things. However much you want to be involved in getting these tasks accomplished, working with a PA and driver can be incredibly beneficial, if nothing else, it’s at least worth taking the time to talk to one of our team to see if there is anything we can do that will help you to return to work relaxed, full of vigour and ready to face the stresses of work again!