How Virtual Assistants Can Improve Your Life

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Virtual assistants can be associated with guardian angels. Incredibly quick to learn and adapt, they have the ability to understand various industries, and keep things running smoothly. Virtual assistants are adept, fast-thinking professionals that are masters of time management.

Startup business owners or senior executives that are new to their roles may feel constantly pressed for time and energy. Here are just a few ways a virtual assistant can support you, freeing up time to focus on specialised tasks.

Virtual assistants can filter communication

The average employee checks their inbox 36 times an hour. Emails, along with meetings, are notorious for wasting precious productivity time.

While a virtual assistant can’t take your meetings for you, they can handle your appointments and telephone calls. If you’ve always disliked compiling meeting minutes after a long meeting, a virtual assistant can do that for you.

Virtual assistants can capture and organise data

You’ve attended the networking event, you’ve collected the business cards, and they’ve been sitting on your desk ever since. Make the most of your networking efforts by delegating business card organisation to your virtual assistant. MY PA can create a useful contact list for your next newsletter or input them into a CRM system for you, for a one-off reduced fee.

A virtual assistant can even help with your presentations. Watch your midnight ideas get turned into ready-to-pitch presentations. If you have a presentation ready, but are too connected to the final result, virtual assistants can get you ready for pitch day by proofreading it.

Virtual assistants can also be called upon for research tasks and bookkeeping.

Virtual assistants can complete tedious daily tasks

From office management to handling daily tasks that take up too much of your spare time, virtual assistants can handle petty cash, follow up on invoices, and manage credit control and debt recovery. Treat your virtual assistant like your second set of eyes, delegating tasks like proofreading, spreadsheet management, bill payment, and data entry to them.

Virtual assistants free up time to let you do what you do best

MY PA offers qualified PAs for a low hourly rate and the added bonus is that there is no need to pay for those additional costs associated with hiring staff such as office space, visas or holiday pay. With MY PA, you only pay for the hours you use, giving you complete control and freedom over how you choose to use our services. Our clients are always kept updated on the status of things with efficient one-to-one meetings, whenever is convenient for you.

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