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As we start the new decade, I wanted to share my top 7 tips to kick start your de-cluttering journey from the material world, the body, people and the mind, with the intention to unmask and find your authentic self and live a life of passion and purpose.


  1. Determine a number of items you will give away before the end of January. If something has not been used or worn by you for months, it has the possibility of bringing a smile on someone’s face, who is less fortunate. How good does that feel?
  2. Conclude how many months you will go without buying anything material? I stopped buying for four months and was only allowed food or replacement of my tennis strings.


  1. Stop consumption of any food that has an ingredient in it that looks like E421. If you do not know the ingredient, research it and stop if it is not natural.


  1. Hang around more with people that raise your energy levels and less with those that drain your energy levels. You know who those are…


  1. Start a daily gratitude journal. Every morning write three things you are grateful for to start your day on a high.
  2. No screen time for the first and last hour of the day.
  3. Practice forgiveness at the end of each day to cleanse your mind before you sleep.

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