Christmas Wrapping Tips to Help You Wrap Presents like a Pro

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We all know the importance of appearances, that you only get one shot to make an impression. Gift giving is no different. The wrapping of your gift, if perfectly done, will be an added gift to the recipient. They will appreciate it more knowing that you put some effort in to make it look good. However, we appreciate that not everyone has the creative aptitude to make this look easy, therefore we’re sharing a few tips:

1. Get a box

The biggest challenge when wrapping a gift arises when you are wrapping a gift with an odd shape. It can take a lot of time and effort to make it look presentable if it’s not a rectangular or square shape. However, this is a problem that can be solved by using a box, not only does this make wrapping easier, but it can also be used to conceal the identity of the gift. 

2. Consider the interests of the recipient 

When choosing wrapping paper, keep in mind the interests of the recipient. Whether its colours or themes, choose something the recipient will identify with, if they’re not particularly traditional, there are plenty of creative options to choose from.

3. Use double-sided tape

It’s such a simple thing, but just using tape that isn’t visible makes such a difference. It will make your wrapping look so much tidier and more professional, particularly on the edges. 

4. Use bows, ribbons and gift toppers

To add to the beauty of the wrapping, consider bows, ribbons and gift toppers. You can make some decorative pieces yourself, or buy some beads and bling from the store to use. Don’t forget to save those that you receive this year, and use them again next year!

5. Start early

If you have not mastered the art of wrapping gifts, consider starting early! This will give you enough time get it right before you need to give the gift!

6. Have someone do it for you!

For some of us, this just doesn’t come naturally, and we don’t have the time to really invest in creating these little masterpieces, in which case, see if there is someone who can do it for you. Here at MY PA, we are happy to support clients with gifts, whether for clients/colleagues, or personally for friends and family, we can go shopping for the gift, have them beautifully wrapped and deliver them on your behalf, just give the team a call to find out how.