7 Chores You Can Do Away With Now!

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We live in a world where our work and day-to-day commitments leave us with scarcely any time for ourselves. However, we are here to help! Our PA’s can get involved in all sorts of work tasks and life admin, leaving you with enough time to attend to more serious (or more fun!) commitments.

Here are 7 such chores, just imagine if we handled them for you…

  1. Data management

Whether you need to create a quick document on Word, or make entries on Excel, precious time is lost during such tasks. Imagine preparing for a PowerPoint presentation – you don’t have the actual slides, but you know the content you want to deliver. An assistant can help you prepare the slides, as you attend to other aspects of your presentation.

  1. Email management

Most people would agree that email remains one of the most time-consuming activities there is. Imagine working on a task, and suddenly you receive a new email from a client. By the time you read and respond to that email, you will have spent around twenty of minutes of your time, which you will never recover. An assistant can help in selecting the most important emails, then replying to them on your behalf. You won’t have to interrupt your focused workflow anymore.

  1. Accounting

Managing the accounts is a very demanding task – it takes a lot of time to record invoices, issue bills and chase payments. With the help of a trusted and reliable assistant, you can share your accounting systems with them, and they will be able to follow up on various outstanding tasks like unpaid invoices or outstanding bills.

  1. Research

This is an easy one to delegate. You only need to give detailed and clear instructions regarding the research to be conducted, and you are freed up for other tasks. This could include getting sales and business development contacts, exploring new products, preparing for pitches and proposals or simply finding a cheaper quote for printing or directions to the next meetings.

  1. Special occasions

Organising flowers and cards for special people on their special day – birthdays, anniversaries or Christmas – and assistant can help select presents and cards and send them on their way. Sending holiday and anniversary cards to your clients is always a good retention strategy too, however this can be a challenge for a small team, requiring creative effort and consuming most of your time.

  1. Ensuring you are fed and watered!

Send your assistant your shopping list and let them take care of the ordering online, they can arrange the delivery and make sure they deal with any issues that may arise

  1. Get you on holiday!

If you have ever made a trip somewhere, then you understand how difficult the travel admin can be, whether it’s booking hotels or purchasing airline tickets. A personal assistant can help to find and book the best airfares, hotels and transport, and arrange trip itineraries, whether for business or pleasure.

8. Social media management

Chances are that you have a profile on one of the popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn. If you do and you use them actively, then you probably get questions or comments that need an immediate and timely response, which an assistant could help you with.

Time is the ultimate luxury, there’s no price we can put on it, and it’s the one thing we all seem to be short of. If you therefore want to get some of it back, then have a chat with us and see if we can take some of the tasks mentioned off your shoulders.