5 Tips to Maintaining the New Year Resolutions – Keep going!!

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As January continues to fly by, how are all those hopes and resolutions for 2020 holding up? It’s around now that most people give up and fall back into old habits, but if you’re determined to make a change in your business and your life this year, you have to hold true. If you are finding yourself struggling however, we’re sharing five tips to help:

1. Break your goal into smaller benchmarks. Exercise your project management skills to review your goals and see if you can develop a series of smaller objectives, which are more achievable and can be used as stepping stones to the ultimate goal.

2. Make one change at a time. Maybe you’re trying to do too much too soon and feeling disheartened when you don’t achieve the desired results, think small wins and take it one step at a time in order to achieve a sustainable result.

3. Get a mentor. Think about working with someone you trust who could be there to listen and hold you accountable to your goals and deadlines – he/she could be an invaluable asset in helping to maintain your resolutions. Depending on the person they can help you to assess your progress, give you advice and even work alongside you to achieve those goals.

4. Fuel your brain and body. This year you may have a lot to achieve at work but in order to do that, it imperative to ensure that your body and mind are healthy and your brain is working at optimum capacity. You need plenty of mental and physical energy to help you make changes and realize your dreams so think about the food you are eating, how much exercise you get and movement you make in a day, as well as how much sleep and relaxation you get on a regular basis. Getting these basics right will help you keep focused, efficient, productive and full of energy to take on each challenge.

5. Be positive – don’t let one little drawback deter you. Life is constantly throwing us curveballs, you need to be ready to adapt at a moment’s notice. The goals you set on January 1st may need to adapt, or perhaps the plan and smaller goals need to be revised in order to get you there. Whatever happens do not let failure stop you dead in your tracks, we all make mistakes, things happen, and you have to keep pressing on and not give up.

Hopefully you found these tips useful, if you have any more to add, please do let us know by leaving a comment below, and if you’d like more advice on how working with a personal assistant could help you, please feel free to drop the team a line.