5 Tips for Writing a Winning Award Submission

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With the end of summer, business will be picking up in Dubai. It’s time to plan for the busy end of the year. This also means a whole host of award ceremonies that you should prepare for, and think about how you can get involved.

With award ceremonies come award submissions and these submissions can make or break your chances of winning. Drafting them can take up a lot of time. They can seem tedious, and you may want to procrastinate. But don’t forget that writing your submission is an opportunity to showcase your brand and spread the word. A nomination or win can mean more recognition and business, and there are always ways to get help to get these drafted.

The following tips will help you tackle the award submission efficiently.

  1. Set aside enough time

It’s best not to rush your submission. Give yourself plenty of time to think about the questions in the submission application and respond to them in the best possible way – and by sufficient time, we mean a few weeks before the deadline! You don’t want to put yourself in a position where you miss the deadline!

  1. Tell a story

You want to make sure that judges read your award submission and nobody wants to read a business case. Give the judge a reason to pause at your submission over hundreds of others. Tell a story. Look for an emotional hook in your brand story. Find a bad guy and a hero, figuratively speaking, and create a narrative. It’s a good idea to find a professional to help you write a compelling story.

  1. Answer all the questions on the application

Incomplete applications are just as bad as unsent ones. Don’t leave any question on the application unanswered. Judges may not even consider applications that are not complete. Answer every single question and make sure the judges want to read right to the end.

  1. Stick to the word limit, but utilise it!

Every question will have a word limit. Make sure that you’re using the limit given to you to the maximum. Don’t write a short answer without considering whether or not your answer is doing justice to your business. Don’t forget that each answer will stand on its own, you only have so much space to tell the judge about your company. It will be a waste if you decide not to utilise all of the space that you have to convince the judge that your business deserves to win.

  1. Try to put your customers in the story

If your business deserves to win an award, it’s probably because it’s helping to meet the needs of your customers. Your award submission will be enhanced by any good things that your customers have to say about your business. Speak to your customers while you’re drafting your submission, this will give you the chance to include quotes in your summary as well.

The chances of winning are higher if you write a successful summary, hopefully these tips might help make the process of drafting an award summary much easier, however if it still seems an arduous task, then please feel free to reach out to our team for support and advice.