5 Best Coffee Shops to Work From In Dubai

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At some point, every professional needs a break from the cold confines of the office building. Dubai offers a number of options that are excellent to break the monotony and restore your creativity so that you can truly focus on getting the job done. As your unofficial Dubai concierge we wanted to share some of our favourites with you on International Coffee Day.

Here are our top five Dubai cafés and coffee shops to escape to and enjoy delicious, well-brewed coffee while you work:

  1. A4 Space, Alserkal Avenue

This is a huge co-working space that is built to do things differently. Its size ensures that everyone gets a seat and a table at any time. A4 is excellent for the budding entrepreneur or the small business owner looking for some quiet time to focus on work all day.

The establishment has a mezzanine floor for those who want some quiet time with their laptop. The Appetite Café, located downstairs, offers some of the best coffee brews, wraps, sandwiches, and salads around.

A4 offers a collection of board games and books for when you feel like taking a break from work and networking with other people within the space. The facility also offers an unorthodox seating arrangement to cater to every need. Apart from the many laptop-charging outlets, there are also couches that allow users to work while lying down or sitting upright.

The establishment has an in-house cinema that may be a good source of relaxation after a productive day on the laptop, or somewhere to showcase video content to clients.

2. The Daily at Rove Downtown

The Daily is located inside the newly opened Rove Downtown, one of the top new hotels in the city. It is an excellent spot to conduct business or any other formal task away from the traditional work environment.

This spacious cafe receives abundant natural light. Apart from the relaxing atmosphere inside, the delicious salad choices, and a variety of healthy pizzas, the Daily also offers customers the choice to either sit outdoors when the temperatures cool, or indoors when it gets too hot.

The Daily’s early opening and late closing times offer a lot of flexibility to anyone who plans to work early in the morning or late into the night.

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3. 1762 Stripped, Jumeirah Lake Towers

This is a favourite spot among many professionals. The excellent atmosphere makes it a great place for meetings, and even some private work time behind the laptop. Aside from the basics such as free parking, good Wi-Fi, and excellent coffee, 1762 Stripped offers a double-decker food truck with space at the top where customers can work.

The menu has many delicious and healthy gluten-free options for the health-conscious professional. The café’s coffee and carrot cake is recommended for anyone who feels like a naughty treat to help their work along!

4. Spill the Bean at Sunset Mall

Spill the Bean is a coffee shop located in a quiet, cosy corner within Sunset Mall in Jumeirah. It offers an array of special coffee blends that would satisfy even the most discerning coffee drinker. This coffee shop’s comfortable seats and floor-to-ceiling windows give it the ideal ambient balance needed by any professional looking to get some work done.

Spill the Bean has many laptops charging outlets, an excellent Wi-Fi connection, and a quiet atmosphere that makes it a lot better than traditional office settings.

5. Cafe Rider, Al Quoz

Café Rider is known for its high quality and delicious coffee blends. The café offers a wide variety of coffee beans that are prepared in many different ways, but what truly sets Café Rider apart from any other coffee shop in the city is the fact that it is also a custom motorcycle workshop.

Café Rider, as its name may suggest, was designed with a cool, modern biker vibe. It has a mezzanine floor that is furnished with large tables where people can set up their workspaces and get down to business while enjoying their brews. The large tables make the café ideal for large meetings and team discussions.

Café Rider truly offers an experience like no other in the city. The customers get to see custom bikes being assembled while enjoying excellent coffee and getting their day’s work done.