4 Time Management Tips To Crack Your To-Do List

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Time management is the cornerstone to success. Tying up loose ends and getting your daily tasks done within deadline is key to staying productive, as an individual or company. Here are some tips to practice if you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list.

Hack productivity by putting pen to paper

One of the secrets to cracking your to-do list is actually having a to-do list. Tasks and their deadlines can seem overwhelming if they’re looming in an imaginary cloud above your head. Writing your tasks down will help you manage them by deadline, size, and priority. Research also suggests that your brain thrives on accomplishment – treat yourself to a dopamine (happy hormone) boost as you strike tasks off your list! If you’re not a pen-and-paper person, try task management apps like Asana or Trello.

Don’t let your lunch break be your only break

If your energy levels are depleted a few hours after lunch, that’s because you’re managing your breaks ineffectively. When thinking about productivity, it’s easy to forget that rest is as important as work. Great thinkers like Albert Einstein and Benjamin Franklin treated themselves to frequent intervals of rest, during which they relaxed over a book or a cup of tea. Your version of that could be catching up on social media or stepping out for some fresh air and sunshine.

Steer clear of burnout with the Pomodoro technique

Space out your bursts of relaxation with bursts of productivity using the Pomodoro technique. As much as people dislike them, tight deadlines are great for rapid productivity. Instead of waiting for inspiration to strike, setting a 25-minute deadline for your tasks will send you racing through your to-do list. Not only does this technique boost your concentration, it will also stave off frivolous distractions.

Outsource small tasks so you can focus on the big ones

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