4 Office Tech Innovations to get Excited About

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With modern offices embracing internal changes like hot desking and nap pods, here are some subtle yet stylish additions you can bring into your workplace.

Upgrade your office to its 2.0 edition with this list of quirky tech innovations.

Solar window charger – With the UAE steadily embracing the abundant sunshine it receives and converting it into solar energy, a solar window charger is an office essential. Equipped with charging panels, this nifty gadget is geared up to charge your phone on the go. It’s a perfect addition to a sunny window sill or even your car’s dashboard. A charger that relies on the sun for energy is every Dubai dweller’s friend.

Desk cycle – Ideal if you struggle with fitting the gym into your daily schedule, the desk cycle is a great way to curb a sedentary lifestyle. Channel your caffeine buzz into the desk cycle that burns an impressive 100 calories every 30 minutes if pedaled at a moderate pace. Four hours of this and you’re down 800 calories!

Wifi-powered coffee machine – Brew the ultimate customized cup of coffee with a smart coffee machine. Take your team’s coffee options to another level with this digitally-savvy and intuitive gadget. Wifi-powered coffee machines don’t even have to be expensive. Prices start from as little as 200 dirhams. Wow your visitors by casually harnessing some artificial intelligence while stirring them up a drink.

Smart garden – Incorporating greenery in your office space can lead to a 38% decrease in employee fatigue. Indoor plants have a calming effect on people and can even boost your team’s productivity. Office plants should play a vital role in an office’s decor mainly due to their powerful and positive impact on mental and physical health. Since smart gardens are self-reliant, save yourself a chore and go digital.

If you’re a small business owner, optimize your office space and employee’s time with these efficient devices. If you’re looking for a smart way to deal with admin, get in touch with MY PA’s virtual assistants.