3 tips on getting things done this Ramadan

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Ramadan is here and with it comes shorter business hours. If you feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to scratch everything off your to-do list, here are some handy tips that may boost your performance and productivity.

Save catching up on your emails for later

If you spend the first hour of your Sunday morning sorting through your inbox, you’ll notice that it takes longer than 60 minutes. Soon, you’ve fallen down the email rabbit hole, doing your productivity and to-do list a disservice. Ramadan, for those that

don’t practice it, is an excellent opportunity to master the art of personal productivity. Save your emails for later in the day and start by taking a bite out of your day’s most daunting task. As Mark Twain said, eat a live frog every morning.

Swap sit-down meetings for stand-up ones

Research suggests that, during a meeting, your audience’s attention starts to fade after 30 minutes. This, paired with the fasting element of Ramadan, means you may have to tailor your meeting’s strategy during the holy month. Surprise your team with a small tweak, standing up instead of sitting down. Chopping the length of a standard meeting in half, stand-up meetings typically last about 15 minutes and are an efficient way to keep your teammates on their toes – literally.

Tailor your meetings to suit Ramadan timings

Office hours during Ramadan are normally shorter by at least two hours. Adjust the length of your team meetings to suit this. Experiment with punchier presentation templates that are designed to grab and maintain your audience’s attention. Tweak your notes to deliver the message in two lines instead of four. This will not only make your teammates feel like their time and schedules have been respected, you’ll have more time to work on your own to-do list by being mindful of meeting time.

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